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Foamed Board Displays Collection

32e Air non-framed.JPG

These are a collection of foam board image projects in our archive.

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Framed Photos Collection

31 b Frame (Geneva Harris).JPG

These are a collection of framed photos in our archive.

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Framed Photos, PSC Administrators

8c Kimbrough (Framed Image).JPG.JPG

These are framed images of PSC administrators that led this institution at one point of their tenure.

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Grad Certification Collection

10a Certification of Grad E.JPG

These are an assortment of PSC certifications granted to students.

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Kendall Center Foamboard Collection

22d Kendall Center Images, 1 .JPG.JPG.JPG

This is a foamboard project that was developed for the opening of the Kendall Center on the campus of PSC.

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Makonde Art Collection

36d Makonde Sculpture Collection Box 1 of 7 c.JPG

These a re a group of African Sculptures that are a part of the Makonde Art Collection.

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Mowers Liberian Artifact Collection

36d Mowers Liberian Artifact Collection Box 6 of 7 a1.JPG

This a group of Liberian pieces that are a part of the Mowers Artifact Collection.

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Philander Smith College Buildings


The PSC Buildings collection is comprised of selections from the Photographs series of the Philander Smith College Buildings Collection in the D. W.…

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President Harris's Trophy Collection

13c Pres Harris 1936-1960 Awards a 3o44.JPG

These are a collection of trophies earned by President Harris during his administration at Philander Smith College.

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