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Colgate Choir Collection

7d PSC Collegiate Choir Recordings (vinyl).JPG.JPG

These are physical items related to PSC Colgate Choir.

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Framed Photos, PSC Administrators

8c Kimbrough (Framed Image).JPG.JPG

These are framed images of PSC administrators that led this institution at one point of their tenure.

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Scrapbook & Photo Album Collection

9df Scrapbook & Photobook Albums 1o8 a.JPG.JPG.JPG

These are are scrapbooks and photo albums compiled by PSC administration. The scrapbooks primarily contain snippets of articles that pertain to PSC.…

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Grad Certification Collection

10a Certification of Grad E.JPG

These are an assortment of PSC certifications granted to students.

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Echoes of Excellence Collection

10b Echoes of Excellence a.JPG

Echoes of Excellence was a quarterly newsletter published by the Office of the PSC President from 2000-2005. The newsletter chronicled the campus…

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Boule Journal Collection

4e The Boule Journal V 69 Fall 2005.JPG

Established in 1912, The Boule Journal is an African American publication created by the Sigma Pi Phi fraternal organization. In regards to the black…

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African American Art Materials Collection

5e African American  Art Collection Catalogs. JPG.JPG

These are an assortment of materials that were a part of the premiere of the African American Art Collection.

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President Harris's Trophy Collection

13c Pres Harris 1936-1960 Awards a 3o44.JPG

These are a collection of trophies earned by President Harris during his administration at Philander Smith College.

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President Titus Scrapbook Collection

13f Pres Titus 1988-1998 a 12o44.JPG

This is a scrapbook that was developed during President Titus's administration.

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