Selections form the Earl Vernon Stallcup Collection


This collection consists of photographs, personal papers and artifacts of an African-American World War II veteran, Earl Vernon Stallcup, who became one of the first students to enroll in the Civilian Flight Training Program offered by Philander Smith College in cooperation with the Central Flying Service of Little Rock, Arkansas during the 1940’s. After receiving his civilian pilot licence, Earl Stallcup had careers with the Pine Bluff Arsenal, the Veteran Administration and later became the first black president of the 2054 local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees Union.

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Flight Training Plane
Flight training plane #88. Earl Vernon Stallcup (right) with students from the PSC flight training course at Adams Field in 1948.

PSC Flight Instructors
PSC Flight Instructors, Jimmy Washington (center) and Milton Pitts Crenchaw (right) with an aviation student at Adams Field in 1948.

PSC Flight Instruction
PSC Flight instruction at Adams Field in Little Rock, AR.
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