The Panther [Journal]

The Panther was the official newspaper of Philander Smith College. It was established in 1939 during the term of PSC's 4th President, Dr. M. LaFayette Harris. The paper was published by the students of the College and but some later editions were editied by faculty and staff members. The title of the newspaper was changed to The Panther Journal around the 1950’s. The collection includes copies dating from February 1939 to November 1999.

Some issues missing.

By the early 1960’s, The Panther Journal took on a new look. The traditional broadsheet style newspaper was replaced by a smaller magazine style publication. Near the end of the decade, The Panther Journal was primarily edited by PSC faculty members with some contributions from the student body. In 1965, a new student run newspaper, The Panthernaut debuted with editorials, sports highlights and news “by and for the students of Philander Smith College” (Williams, 1965). In 1966, the college made plans to merge the Panther Journal with The Panthernaut (National Alumni Association, 1966).  

The Panther was revived in 1990 with the help of Melody Goss, a former PR Coordinator for the Office of Public Relations. The newsletter was published monthly by students and staff until around 1999.