The Miss PSC Pageant

     On May 5, 1964, the Miss Philander Smith College Pageant was launched on our campus. It was open to junior women of the college who met the requirements for entry. They were sponsored by a campus organization. The purpose of the pageant was that of showing versatility, charm, and poise in addition to the fact that she was required to have a scholarship to participate.

     The Miss P.S.C. Pageant presents the young ladies in various settings to enable their collegiate public to see them in different roles. The first three candidates of the Miss P.S.C. Pageant was Miss Hattie Lucas, Miss Faye Annette Smith, and Miss Donna Trice. Each of the candidates modeled modeled casual attire, dress-up wear, beach-wear, and formal attire. They each accompanied with poise, charm, and grace on every count. Also, each of them presented a talent number, which potrayed talent, creativity, orginality, and real performance ability.


Raven Minniefield, Archives Intern Spring 2017