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Obituary, Dr. Myer L. Titus

Obituary of PSC's 10th President, Dr. Myer L. Titus that was originally published in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in 2013.

Philander Smith College's 13th President: Dr. Johnny Moore

A presentation highlighting Dr. Johnny Moore's athletic and academic accomplishments during his time as an undergraduate at Philander Smith College in the late 1980's.

Philander Smith College, Then and Now

A presentation created in 2013, that gives an historical account of Philander Smith College from 1877 to 2013. The presentation includes images of documents and photographs from the D. W. Reynolds Library Archives and Special Collection unit.

Dr. M. LaFayette Harris

Portrait of PSC's 4th president, M. L. Harris. This image was published in the 1954 Panther Yearbook.

President's Message

A typescript from PSC President Roosevelt D. Crockett. This message was published in the 1964 Philanderian Yearbook.

In Memoriam, Panthernaut, Vol. II, No.2. November 23, 1966

This edition of the PSC student newspaper, the Panthernaut was dedicated to M. L. Harris who passed away October 7, 1966.

Biographical Sketch, Dr. Ernest T. Dixon, Jr.

A biographical sketch of the 6th President of PSC, Dr. Ernest Dixon.

Philander Smith College History at a Glance: 1877-2017

2017 PSC History 94.pdf
This document, compiled by Donaldson and Donaldson Associates for the Philander Smith College 140th Anniversary celebration, chronicles the history of the institution from in inception in 1877 to the present.

Chapter IV: The administration of Reverend George Collins Taylor, President, 1924-1936 (excerpt)

This biographical sketch is an expert from Dr. DeLois Gibson's A Historical Study of Philander Smith College, 1877-1969.

Guiding Policies of Philander Smith College

A document, authored by President M. L. Harris, that outlines the mission and purpose of the Philander Smith College. Circa late 1950's.