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  • Collection: Presidents of Philander Smith College

A Dream for the Future of Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas.

A booklet published in 1958 by Philander Smith College to outline the new development plan for the campus. Introduction by PSC President Dr. M. Lafayette Harris.

Invitation to the inaguration of President Marquis LaFayette Harris

Photo copy of an invitation to the inauguration of Philander Smith College President M. LaFayette Harris.

Dr. M. LaFayette Harris

Portrait of PSC's 4th president, M. L. Harris. This image was published in the 1954 Panther Yearbook.

Certificate of Good Will

A holiday greeting from M. L. Harris circa 1950. Embossed, colored ink.

Development Program Convocation, 1958

Program from the May 20, 1958 Convocation service where Dr. M. L. Harris outlined his development plans for Philander Smith College.

The Philanderian, March 1938

An early edition of The Philanderian, "a quarterly review of the program, policies, and progress of Philander Smith College" (The Philanderian, 1938). This issue includes the inaugural address of M. L. Harris, details about the ceremony and campus…

Presenting Philander Smith College: A College of Service and Distinction

A college recruitment booklet from 1957. This publication includes a letter from M. L. Harris and information about the Philander Smith College campus, course offerings and development plans.

A Statement to the Public

A news release written by M. L. Harris in the late 1950's.

Your Stewardship Record: An In-Part Report to the Central West and Lexington Annual Conferences

A brochure from the Office of President M. L. Harris, late 1950's. This brief publication lists the academic achievements of 14 students who attended Philander Smith College.

Guiding Policies of Philander Smith College

A document, authored by President M. L. Harris, that outlines the mission and purpose of the Philander Smith College. Circa late 1950's.