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Arkansas Methodist Newspaper Collection

The Arkansas United Methodist is the monthly news publication of the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church. The newspaper has been issued from the 1880's to the present and chronicles current events, opinions and the interests of…

Obituary, Dr. Myer L. Titus

Obituary of PSC's 10th President, Dr. Myer L. Titus that was originally published in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette in 2013.

Veterans Dormitory

Side view of the Veterans Dormitory. Originally built some time after World War II. Was located at 900 W. 10th Street.

Painting the Home Management Resident House

Philander Smith College young men painting the Home Management Resident House. PSC Students Henry McHenry (top on the ladder) and Myer L. Titus (bending, fourth from left) and other students adding a new coat of paint to the structure in the mid…

The Panthernaut, 7(5), Feb. 1972

The Panthernaut was a monthly publication that provided an opportunity for self-expression on the part of students and college family. The purpose of the paper was to encourage school spirit and projects, to acknowledge individual and group…

Philander Smith College, ca 1899.

Photographic reproduction of an engraving by Calkins, circa 1899. The image features Philander Smith College's main building, Budlong Hall (Old Main), partially built in 1883 and razed in 1963 (Gibson, 1972). 1015 Izard street.

Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Harris at Kelly Hall, ca 1955

Dr. and Mrs. M. L. Harris standing in front of Kelly Hall. Kelly Hall was completed in 1952 (Reed, 2002). The Colonial style structure was designed by Little Rock based firm Cromwell & Neyland (Cromwell Architects Engineers). Kelly Hall was once the…

Faculty Row.

Norther view of Faculty Row on 12th and Izard Street. Faculty Row also known as "The White Way" and included 12 homes on campus designated for faculty members and their families.

Philander Smith College's 13th President: Dr. Johnny Moore

A presentation highlighting Dr. Johnny Moore's athletic and academic accomplishments during his time as an undergraduate at Philander Smith College in the late 1980's.

Philander Smith College, Then and Now

A presentation created in 2013, that gives an historical account of Philander Smith College from 1877 to 2013. The presentation includes images of documents and photographs from the D. W. Reynolds Library Archives and Special Collection unit.