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The cap and hood of Rev. John B. Hays, the former District Superintendent of the Little Rock Conference of the United Methodist Church. Rev. Hays was awarded an honorary degree by Philander Smith College on January, 31, 1980.

Liberian art and artifacts including hand crafted weapons, basketry and utilitarian items that were collected in the 1930's by missionary Rev. Francis Carlton. This collection includes examples of West African metalwork and woodworking.

The Newspaper Collection includes select articles, special editions and newspaper sections that feature Philander Smith College activities and headlines about the College faculty, staff, students and alumni. This collection also contains rare issues…

The Milton P. Crenchaw Collection includes documents, programs, photographs, certificates and correspondence that chronicle the aviation career of the late Mr. Milton P. Crenchaw, a Little Rock, Arkansas native who was the primary flight instructor…

The Little Rock Central High School Crisis 50th Anniversary collection contains documents, news clippings, programs and special publications from events held in 2007 to commemorate the 1957 integration of the city's all-white public high school.…

The Makonde Sculpture collection includes four wooden figures carved by members of the Makonde tribe in 1977. According to the donor, the artisans carved the pieces while under the influence of hashish.

Ms. Nyashe Clark is currently "Miss PSC" for the 2016-2017 year.

Ms. Whitney Westmoreland was "Miss PSC" during 2015-2016.