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The Social Justice Institute was initiated by former PSC President Dr. Walter Kimbrough in 2007. The mission of the institute is "to cultivate consciousness, provide intellectual activities, and engage student /communities through social justice…

Echoes of Excellence was a quarterly newsletter published by the Office of the PSC President from 2000-2005. The newsletter chronicled the campus building projects and institutional growth that occurred throughout Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed's term as…

The Philanderian is the quarterly news publication of Philander Smith College's National Alumni Association and the Office of the President. The Philanderian features articles about PSC alumni, campus events, professional and academic honors and…

The Philander Smith College Charter and Proclamations Collection includes official public announcements by city, state and county officials in honor of the College from 1951-2012. Certified copies of the 1883 college Charter and Articles of…

Philander Smith College "Sextet." Photo reproduced from a publicity poster announcing concert tickets for 15 cents. (1920's or 1930's).

Philander Smith College choir (1948-49 school year) standing in Wesley Chapel Church. Choir director, Stanley Tate shown standing in the front row, on the far right.

Philander Smith College Ministerial Training class of 1943 pictured on the lawn in front of Budlong Hall.

Participants of the Southern Methodist Convention pictured in Wesley Chapel Church.

Class and instructors of the Philander Smith College "School of Methodists" circa 1930. Instructors seated on the front row: 2nd from the left, Dr. Rish, E. W. Kelley, center - Dr. J. H. Touchstone, right - Dr. Kelly Jackson.

Architectural sketch of the Library and Fine Arts Building drafted by Ginocchio, Cromwell and Associates in 1952. Later named the M. L. Harris Library and Fine Arts Building.