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Philander Smith College young men painting the Home Management Resident House. PSC Students Henry McHenry (top on the ladder) and Myer L. Titus (bending, fourth from left) and other students adding a new coat of paint to the structure in the mid…

PSC's 4th president, Dr. M. L. Harris (center) at an assembly in 1954. Myer L. Titus (far right), the 10th president of the college is shown with other students from the class of 1954.

Portrait of Myer L. Titus, 1954 alum who later became the 10th president of Philander Smith College.

Philander Smith College's 9th president, Dr. Hazo W. Carter, Jr. at the 1986 Commencement exercise.

1986 Commencement in M. L. Harris Auditorium. Program speakers included (right to left) Dr. Hazo Carter , then Governor Bill Clinton, Mr. Henry L. McHenry, Doyle Rodgers, Sr. and Dr. Christopher Edley.

Portrait of Philander Smith College's 9th president, Dr. Hazo William Carter, Jr.

Dr. Walter R. Hazzard, Philander Smith College's 7th president with Dr. J. D. Scott, who served as Interim President in 1960-1961, Fall 1964 and Spring 1969.

Dr. Ernest T. Dixon, Jr. with his wife Mrs. Lois F. Dixon and their four children in 1964. This image was originally published in the December, 1964 edition of The Panther Journal.

PSC student Sandra Trice making a presentation to Dr. Crockett during the President's Chapel in 1963.

Philander Smith College's 4th president, Dr. M. L. Harris.