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Painting the Home Management Resident House

Philander Smith College young men painting the Home Management Resident House. PSC Students Henry McHenry (top on the ladder) and Myer L. Titus (bending, fourth from left) and other students adding a new coat of paint to the structure in the mid…

Myer L. Titus

Portrait of Myer L. Titus, 1954 alum who later became the 10th president of Philander Smith College.

Miss PSC, Willie Ruth

Ms. Willie Ruth was "Miss PSC" during 1975-1976.

Miss PSC, Whitney Westmoreland

Ms. Whitney Westmoreland was "Miss PSC" during 2015-2016.

Miss PSC, Tionna L. Hughes

Ms. Tionna L. Hughes was "Miss PSC" during 1999-2000.