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The PSC Faculty and Staff Publications collection includes journal articles, books, course syllabi, faculty meeting minutes, programs and handbooks written by faculty and staff members of Academic Affairs from 1937 to the present.


Philander Smith College (Little Rock, Ark.)
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Box 1

Faculty Rosters

1885-1936, 1972, 1984, 1989-1999, Fall 1999, 2000-2001, 2005-2013 (some years missing)

Faculty Meeting Minutes

1937-1940, 1941-1960, 1970, 1971-1972, 1975-1983, 1989 (some years missing)

Faculty Senate

Constitution and Bylaws, January 18, 2007

Meeting minutes, September 2005-January 2007

Faculty/Staff Institute Programs

1965-1999, 2000-2004, 2005-2008, 2016-

Box 2

Course Syllabi

Division of Business, 1996-1999

Division of Education, 1993, 1996, 1998-1999

Division of Humanities, 1991-1992, 1995-1998

Division of Natural & Physical Sciences, 1996-1998

PSMI (Philander Smith Management Institute), 1997-1998

Division of Social Sciences, 1996-1999, 2013

Undated syllabi

Misc. Syllabi, 1989-1992

Box 3-4


PSC ADA Handbook – 2009-2010

PSC Adjunct Faculty Handbook – 2009

PSC Emergency Procedures Manual – 1990

PSC Faculty Handbook – 1967, 1970-1971, 1976, 1978, 1993, 1999, (Draft) – Feb. 2000, Fall 2010

PSC Policy Manual/Handbook for Non-Instructional Personnel – 1982 (1st Ed.), 1991 (2nd Ed.), 2000 (3rd Ed.), 2011

Box 5-6

Published Articles and Books

Curry, Dorothy L. 
Curry, Dorothy L. (n. d.). Historically Black Colleges and Universities: An educational work in progress. Philander Smith College.

Goodwin, James C. (former Instructor of Chemistry)

Goodwin, J. C., & Tjarks, L. (1988). Preparation and Structure of ( E )-1-(3′-Hydroxy-2-Furanyl)-3-(3″-Hydroxy-4″-Methoxyphenyl)-2-Propen-1-One. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 7(1), 133.

Lehrfeld, J. & Goodwin, J. C. (1970). 1: 1 adduct of methyl 4,6-O-benzylidene-beta-D-glucopyranoside and pyridinium chloride. Carbohyd Research, 14, 412-14.

Goodwin, J. C. (1985). Amine-catalyzed transformation of enolic nonenzymic browning products, isomaltol glycopyranosides into 1, 6-anhydro-β-d-hexopyranoses. Carbohydrate research, 143, 61-68.

Goodwin, J. C., & Hodge, J. E. (1975).Conversion of 1,4-anhydroerythritol into 1,4-anhydro-DL-threitol: chloride displacement of sulfonate. Carbohydrate Research, 44, 106-111.

McCready, R. M., & Goodwin, J. C. (1966). Isolation of 1-kestose and nystose by chromatography on a cation exchange resin. Journal of Chromatography, 22(1), 195-197.

Goodwin, J. C. (1983). Isolation of 3-O-alpha-D-gluco- and 3-O-beta-D-galacto-pyranosyloxy-2-furyl methyl ketones from nonenzymic browning of maltose and lactose with secondary amino acids. Carbohydrate Research, 115, 281-287.

Goodwin, J. C. (n. d.). The carbohydrates [book review]. Journal of Food Biochemistry, 6(2), 137-138.

Davis, E., Wallen, L., Goodwin, J., Rohwedder, W., & Rhodes, R. (1969). Microbial hydration of Cis-9-alkenoic acids. Lipids, 4(5), 356.

Goodwin, J. C., Hodge, J. E., & Weisleder, D. (1980). Preparation of bicyclic hexitol anhydrides by using acidic cation-exchange resin in a binary solvent. 13C-N.M.R. spectroscopy confirms configurational inversion in chloride displacement of methanesulfonate in isomannide and isosorbide derivatives. Carbohydrate research, 1, 1980.

Goodwin, J. C. (1985). Sodium Complexes of Isomaltol and Maltol. Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 4(2), 255.

Goodwin, J., Hodge, J., & Weisleder, D. (1986). Preparation and structure of an unusual dimeric furan from the acid decomposition of isomaltol.

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Goodwin, J., & Hodge, J. (1981). Sweetness and bitterness of some aliphatic alpha,omega-glycol D-glucopyranosides. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, p. 935-38.

Fisher, B., Sinclair, H., & Goodwin, J. (1983). Synthesis of a derivative of 1-deoxy-D-erytho-2,3-hexodiulose and its conversion into nonenzymic browning products. Carbohydrate Research, 116, 209-215.

Goodwin, J. C. & Hodge, J. E. (1973). Synthesis of metyl 4,6-O-methylene-D-Glycopyrandosides. Carbohydrate Research, 28, 213-219.

Lehrfeld, J. & Goodwin, J. C. (1969). Visualization reagents for quantitation of carbohydrates on thin-layer chromatograms by transmission densitometry. Journal of Chromatography, 45, 1950-154.

Goodwin, J., Hodge, J., Nelson, E., & Warner, K. (1981). Structure-taste relationships among cyclic glycols, levoglucosan, and methyl glycopyranosides.

McCready, R. M. & Goodwin, J. C. (1966). Sugar transformations in stored sugar beets. Journal of American Society of Sugar Beet Technologies, 14(3), 197-205.

Grossack, Martin M.

Grossack, M. M. (1974). Hypnosis and self-hypnosis for rational living. Boston: Branden Press.

Grossack, M. M. (1966). Understanding consumer behavior. Boston: Christopher.

Grossack, M. M. (1971). Consumer psychology for humanized bank marketing. Hull, C.P.

Grossack, M. M. (1976). Love and reason. Boston: Institute for Rational Living.

Grossack, M. M. (1966). Mental health and segregation. New York, N. Y.

Harris, M. Lafayette (4th President of PSC)

Harris, M. L. (1941). The voice in the wilderness. The Christopher Publishing House, Boston.

Harris, M. L. (1951). Life can be meaningful. The Christopher Publishing House, Boston.

Iggers, Georg & Wilma

Iggers, W. A., & Iggers, G. G. (2002). Zwei Seiten der Geschichte: Lebensbericht aus unruhigen Zeiten. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Iggers, G. G. (2005). Historiography in the twentieth century: From scientific objectivity to the postmodern challenge. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press.

*Special Collection: Georg Iggers Pappers (photocopies of documents in the collection deposited at the UALR)*

Kim, Yoon Sik

Kim, Y. S. (2003). The Little Red Writing Book.

Kimbrough, Walter M. (12th President of PSC)

Kimbrough, W. M. (2005). Black Greek 101: The culture, customs, and challenges of Black fraternities and sororities. Madison Teaneck, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Kirby, Money Alian

Kirby, M. A. (1981). A 20th century book of proverbs. Arkansas Literature Company, Magnolia, AR.

Kirby, M. A. (1992). A portrayal of the unlimited dimensions of God’s omniscience, wisdom, and omnipotent power.

Kirby, M. A. (1993). The poet and his poetry. Little Rock, Ark.: The Author.

Lewis, Rapheal O. (Professor of Political Science)

Lewis, R. O. (1986). Readings in politics: Government and the social order. Philander Smith College.

Lewis, R. O. (1975). Government and politics: Readings and exercises. RF Publishing, Inc. Millburn, NJ.

Lewis, R. O. (1979). People, politics and the political life: An introduction to political science. University Press of America, Washington. DC.

Lindsey, William D. (former Dean of Instruction)

Lindsey, W. D. (2004). Building traditions of academic excellence at Philander Smith College[report]. Philander Smith College.

Lindsey, W. D. (2001). Flannery O’Connor and the Mystery of Love [review]. Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 69(3), 705-707.

Lindsey, W. D. (n. d.) Social minds and moral development: Social gospel soundings of a theme. In Religion in a Pluralistic Age.

Lindsey, W. D. (1990). Shailer Mathews on doctrinal development: parallels between American protestant modernism and European Roman Catholic modernism. American Journal of Theology & Philosophy, (2). 115.

Lindsey, W. D. (1995). James Joyce’s “The Dead,” eschatology and the meaning of history. Toronto Journal of Theology, 11(1), 7-20.

Lindsey, W. D. (1997). Crossing the Postmodern Divide: Some Implications for Academic Theology. Theology & Sexuality: The Journal Of The Institute For The Study Of Christianity & Sexuality, 4(7), 53.

Lindsey, W. (1999). 'Somebody, somehow, somewhere, and somewhen': Shailer Mathews and the socio-historical interpretation of doctrine. American Journal of Theology & Philosophy, (3). 191.

Lindsey, W. D. (1985). Augustine’s City of God. The Ecumenist, 23(6). 90-92.

Lindsey, W. D. (2000). AIDS, homosexuality and the churches in America today. Bulletin for Contextual Theology in Africa, 7(1), 45-48.

Lindsey, W. D. (1995). Telling it slant: American Catholic public theology and prophetic discourse. Journal of the College Theology Socieity, 22(1), 88-103.

Lindsey, W. D. (1989). Jesus and the Church. The Ecumenist. 23-28.

Lindsey, W. D. (1990). Parable and apologia: Flannery O’Conners literary-apologetic strategy. CCICA Annual, 9, 85-93.

Lindsey, W. D. (1985). Christology and Roman primacy at Chalcedon. Toronto Journal of Theology, 1(1). 36-51.

Lindsey, W. D. (1989). Order as disorder: Absalom, Absalom!’s inversion of the Judaeo-Christian creation myth. In  D. Fowler & A. J. Abadie, Falkner and Religion. University Press of Mississppi. Jacons and London.

Lindsey, W. D. (1993). “The problem of Great Time”: A Bakhtinian ethics of discourse. The Journal of Religion, 73(3), 311-328.

Lindsey, W. D. (1992). The social gospel and feminism. American Journal of Theology & Philosophy, 13(3), 195-211.

Lindsey, W. D. (1982). The Ritschlian reappraisal: a fundamental consideration. In J. H. Morgan, Church Divinity 1982.

Lindsey, W. D. (1990). The English Industrial Revolution and third-world development: Critical reflections on the paradigm. Journal of Peace and Justice Studies, 2(2), 85-99.

Lindsey, W. D. (1992). Public theology as civil discourse: What are we talking about? The Journal of the College Theology Society, 19(1), 44-67.

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Lindsey, W. D. (1991). Allan Bloom, The Canon, and American South: Whose Canon anyway? Nebraska English & Language Arts Journal, 36(3&4), 5-18.

Lindsey, W. D. (1992). The American Catholic Church and the Southern experience: Is integration possible? New Theology Review, 5(3), 45-77.

Lindsey, W. D. (1995). The AIDS crisis and the church: a time to heal.  Journal of the Institute for the study of Christianity and sexuality. 2, 11-37.

Lindsey, W. D. (1997). Prophetic neo-pragmatism and the double intentionality of religious symbols. Toronto Journal of Theology, 13(1), 77-83.

Lindsey, W. D. (1993). Richard Rory: The homelessness of liberalism. The Ecumenist, 1(1), 17-20.

Lindsey, W. D. (2005). Religion and public life in the southern crossroads: Showdown states. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press.

Lindsey, W. D. (1997). Shailer Mathews's lives of Jesus: The search for a theological foundation for the social gospel. New York: State University of New York Press.

Martin-Hall, Margaret J.

Martin-Hall, M. J. (2001). Dreams deferred: Students of the 1958-59 Little Rock School District lost year. [Dissertation]. University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Mims, Crawford J. (former Dean and Interim President of PSC)

Mims, C. J. (1965). A study of some ways school systems are using national teacher examinations scores in selecting teachers. Philander Smith College.

Minton, Clifford E.

Minton, C. E. (2001). America's Black trap. Gary, Ind: Alpha Book Co.

Montgomery, Marcus

Montgomery, M. (2004). Portholes: Windows into my soul. Porthole Productions, Little Rock, AR.

Pogue, Frank George, Jr.

Pogue, F. G., Jr. (1965). A statistical analysis of the number of failing grades made at Philander Smith College 1962-65: Probable reasons why grades were made. Philander Smith College.

Pogue, F. G., Jr. (1965). Philander Smith College students’ rating of qualities considered desirable in “the ideal college professor”: First semester 1965-66. Philander Smith College.

Reed, Trudie K. (11th President of Philander Smith College)

Colin, S. I., & Preciphs,  Reed, T. K. (1991). Perceptual Patterns and the Learning Environment: Confronting White Racism. New Directions for Adult And Continuing Education, (50), 61-70.

Reed, T. K. (1997). Editorial Comments. A leadership Journal: Women in Leadership Sharing the Vision, 2(1), p. 3.

Ridley, Ronnie C.

Ridley, R. C., Xiao, H., Hata, H., Woodliff, J., Epstein, J., & Sanderson, R. D. (1993). Expression of syndecan regulates human myeloma plasma cell adhesion to type I collagen. Blood, 81(3), 767-774.

Robillard, Douglas, Jr.

Robillard, D., Jr. (1989). Self-reflexive art and Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian GrayEssays in Arts and Sciences, 18, 29-38.

Robillard, D., Jr. (n . d.). A history of the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc, 1938-1988.

Robillard, D., Jr. (1989). The Alchemist by Alexandria Quartet [review]. Cauda Pavonis: Studies in Hermeticism, 8(2), 7-9.

Robillard, D., Jr. (n. d.). Melville and Turner: Spheres of Love and Fright [review]. 144-146.

Robillard, D., Jr. (1992). Computer brainstorming. Computers in Education, Dec/Jan, p. 6.

Robillard, D., Jr. (1985). Teaching Robert Coover’s “The Babysiter”: Writing to unlock narrative meaning.  Illinois English Bulletin,  62-65.

Robillard, D., Jr. (2000). Dimensions of managing academic affairs in community college.  New Directions for Community Colleges, 109.

Rush, James E., (Chair, Depart. of Philosophy and Religion)

Rush, J. E. (1981). Toward a general theory of healing. Washington, D.C: Univ. Pr. of America.

Tanner, Hiram L.

Tanner, H. L. (1992). Malvern Negro Public School prior to WW II: The Black legacy of Malvern, Arkansas. New York: Vantage Press.

White, Wayne

White, W. (1966). William Blake, mystic of visionary? [manuscript for the Journal of College Language Association].  Philander Smith College.





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