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Newspaper Collection


1895, 1915, 1930-present


The Newspaper Collection includes select articles, special editions and newspaper sections that feature Philander Smith College activities and headlines about the College faculty, staff, students and alumni. This collection also contains rare issues of African-American newspapers (The Southern Mediator Journal, The Atlanta Daily World and The Minneapolis Spokesman) from the 1940's to the early 1960's. Other series in this collection are news articles, documents and papers related to the 1992 election of Bill Clinton, the 2008 election of Barack Obama and issues that highlight pivotal moments in African-American history.


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Box 1: Misc. PSC news clippings, 1950’s-present

Box 2: Laminated news clippings, 1990-1991

Box 3 (Special Editions)

  1. Life. April 12, 1968. Martin Luther King, 1929-1968.
  2. Arkansas Times, February 5, 2015. “The long fight for the vote.”
  3. Arkansas Times, July 16, 2015. “Haunted city: an oral history of the Little Rock gang wars.”
  4. Stand. April 2007, Vol. 2(7). “Local Tuskegee airman honored for service (p. 7)” “Chat with Nikki Giovanni (p. 11),” “True accountability: when on’e word was a binding contract by Annie Mable McDaniel Abrams (p. 14).”
  5. Stand. February 2008, Vol. 3(17). “The next generation of leadership: Are they prepared?”
  6. Stand. October 2006, Vol. 1(1).“Dr. Cornel West says strong black leadership will improve the state of black America.”
  7. Stand. November 2006, Vol. 1(2). “Little Rock School Board makes history!(cover)” “Adam Abrams: A major figure in Arkansas history (p. 6).”
  8. Arkansas State Press. July 15, 1993, Vol. 38(28). “Philander Smith breaks ground for $2 multi-purpose center (p. 3).”
  9. Chatham-Southeast Citizen, November 23, 1988, Vol. 26(9).
  10. El Latino, August 2, 2002, Vol. 2(23). “Este ano, Philander Smith College celebra su 125 aniversario.”
  11. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 30, 2011. “Party with the principal.”
  12. Powerplay Magazine, May-June 2006. “Bless the Mic ad” “25 Influential African Americans in Arkansas: Annie Abrams, C. J. Duvall, Dr. Walter Kimbrough”
  13. Soiree, May 7, 2002. “The scene: Women of Distinction Dinner: Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed, Sherman Tate.”
  14. Arkansas Life, November 2010. “The social networking president: Young, driven and ever-accessible, Walter Kimbrough revives Philander Smith College.(p. 32)”
  15. Soiree, February 2015, Vol. 13(12). “The builder: Philanthropist C. J. Duvall equips Little Rock’s youth with the tools for growth.”
  16. Little Rock Family, August 2008. “Philander Smith College’s Dr. Walter Kimbrough on education, outreach and family.”
  17. Arkansas Times, February 2, 2006. “Men at Work”
  18. Arkansas Times, February 28, 2003. “Viewpoints: Suddenly, there’s a wealth of photos and art on exhibit by and about black people, including a striking new collection at Philander Smith.” 3 copies.
  19. The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 7, 2010. “Money & management: The rejuvenation of Philander Smith College.”
  20. Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society Newsletter, November 1980, Vol. 6(4). “Plans for 43rd annual meeting unfolder.”
  21. Arkansas Gazette, October 26, 1980. “Diversity characterized field for 4 LR city board positions.”
  22. Advertising supplement to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 31, 2001.
  23. Arkansas Times Career Link, 2001. “Philander Smith conducive to education” “Philander offers personal attention.”
  24. Arkansas Times, September 3, 2015. “Philander Opens African Art Collection.” 2 copies.
  25. Advertising supplement to the Arkansas Times. August 20, 2015. “Art at Philander.”
  26. AIA Design Awards, 2015. “Philander Smith College Student Center.”
  27. Arkansas Times, February 26, 2015. “Turning back the clock on civil rights.”

Box 4 (Special Editions)

  1. Reprint from Fortune, November 1941. “And the migrants kept coming: A negro artist paints the story of the great American minority.” Feature story on Jacob Lawrence.
  2. The Missouri Methodist, January, 1969, p. 6. Philander Smith College ad.
  3. Arkansas Democrat (Progress Edition), 1951. “The story of Philander Smith College.”
  4. Supplement to Harper’s Weekly, September 10, 1887. Budlong Hall (Philander Smith Colored Institute) featured on page 659.
  5. Southern Mediator Journal, March 27, 1959. Vol. 21(31).
  6. Southern Mediator Journal, February 6, 1953. Vol. 16(33).
  7. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 22, 1963. Vol. 93(52). “President Kennedy shot to death in Dallas ambush; Texas chief wounded.”
  8. Daytona Beach Evening News, June 18, 1964, p. 13. “Negro Methodists vote end to segregated jurisdiction.”
  9. Atlanta Daily World, June 9, 1948. Vol. 20(270). “Senate votes service anti-poll tax amendment.”
  10. Atlanta Daily World, June 12, 1948. Vol. 20(273). “Methodists elect Dr. J. W. E. Bowen bishop.”
  11. Minneapolis Spokesman, May 4, 1956. Vol. 22(40). “Methodists move to end segregation.”
  12. Minneapolis Spokesman, April 27, 1956. Vol. 22(39). “U.S. Methodists convene’ integration problem faces sessions in Minneapolis.”

Box 5 (Special Editions)

  1. Rock of Arkansas, October 2002, Vol. 6(10). “Philander’s movin’ on up.”
  2. Arkansas Talks, July-August, 2017, Vol. 6(1). “City leaders meet to address crime in Little Rock.”
  3. Arkansas Talks, May-June, 2017. “This is what religious freedom looks like.”
  4. The Black Voice, March 22, 2017. “Judge L. Clifford Davis honored at Philander Smith College.”
  5. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 5, 2017. “High profile: Roderick Lashay Smothers.” 2 copies.
  6. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 28, 2017. “Day’s way to play: Ex-Hog quickens overhaul strategy.”
  7. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, October 29, 2006. “High profile: Janis Faye Kearney.”
  8. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, June 21, 2009. “High profile: Gena Renia Lovett.”
  9. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, September 23, 1997. “40 years later, tormentor and target meet again.”
  10. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, April 6, 2008. “Social eyes: A mind-saving experience.”
  11. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 4, 2007. “14 guiding lights honored: 2007 Black Hall of Fame inductees help raise $100,000 for foundation.”
  12. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, December 28, 1999. “Stranger than fiction: 20th century Arkansas politics was rich in characters, if not very much else.”
  13. Arkansas Gazette, December 27, 1981. “People and events: Alpha Phi Alpha to present 36 debutantes.”
  14. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, June 28, 2009. “High profile: Erma Lee Glasco Davis.”
  15. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 30, 2009. “The butler did it: Lawrence Hamilton mans the Rep’s latest show.”
  16. The Wall Street Journal. April 24, 2009. “When Jewish scholars fled to the south: European academics’ exodus to small black colleges had lasting effects, an exhibit shows.”
  17. Arkansas Times. February 5, 2009. “R rates No, not repentant. Not Dr. Joycelyn Elders.”
  18. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, March 6, 2009. “Families remember boys in ‘59 fire, still hope for answers.”
  19. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, August 21, 2009. “High profile: Walter Mark Kimbrough.”

Box 6. Barack Obama news articles (2008-2009)

  1. Arkansas Talks, October 31- November 8, 2012, Vol. 1(4) Special edition. “Four more years!!!”
  2. Ebony, January 2009. Vol. 64(3). Person of the year collector's edition. Barack Obama.
  3. Barack Obama and the 1st family poster.
  4. Parade. January 18, 2009. Cover story, “What I want for you and every child: A letter to my daughters.”
  5. Misc. clippings from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 2008 election coverage.
  6. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, April 13, 2008. “Obama’s mother recalled as inquisitive trailblazer.”
  7. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 5, 2008. “Obama Triumphs.” 2 copies.
  8. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 6, 2008. “Hail to the chief.”
  9. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 7, 2008. “Obama selects House member as chief of staff.”
  10. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, November 11, 2008. “Bushes show Obama's inside.”
  11. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 18, 2009. “Obama heads for D. C., his day in history.”
  12. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 19, 2009. “Obama takes capital’s stage as music swells.”
  13. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 20, 2009. “Inauguration eve a full day for Obama.”
  14. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 21, 2009. “President Obama.” 2 copies.
  15. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 22, 2009. “House OK’s bill to aim billions at foreclosures.”
  16. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 23, 2009. “Obama changes detainee policies.”
  17. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 24, 2009. “Obama: Stimulus plan ‘on target’ for February.”
  18. Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 25, 2009. “Newspapers comment: U. S. editorials laud Obama inauguration.”
  19. San Diego Monitor, February 2009. Presidential Special Edition.
  20. San Diego Monitor, February 2009. National Black Leaders/Speeches (B).
  21. San Diego Monitor, February 2009. Civil Rights Special Edition (C). 

Box 7: Black History News & Documents

Box 8: Black History News & Documents

Box 9: Bill Clinton News & Documents (1988-1994)

Box 10: Bill Clinton News & Documents (1995-2004)





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