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Presidents of Philander Smith College


From its humble beginnings as Walden Seminary in 1877 to the “GREAT” Philander Smith College of the present, 1 principal, 14 presidents and several interim presidents have led the institution through flourishing and trying times. Take a moment to learn more about the visionaries who have helped to shape the course of the College over the last 140 years.

PSC Publications

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Browse through issues of student newspapers, college catalogs and newsletters published by Philander Smith College from 1899 to the present.

Alumni Profiles

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The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given to a member of the National Alumni Association of Philander Smith College for their outstanding accomplishments, contributions to their community and dedicated service to their alma mater. The honoree is presented with this award during the Annual Alumni Convention and their portrait is added to the Alumni Wall in the Harry R. Kendall Sciences & Health Mission Center on the campus of Philander Smith College.

PSC Black History Moments


Philander Smith College has links to some of the most pivotal moments in African American History. The PSC Black History Moments digital exhibit explores some of the contributions that PSC students, faculty and staff have made to the continuing story of African Americans in this country.

The Miss PSC Pageant


     On May 5, 1964, the Miss Philander Smith College Pageant was launched on our campus. It was open to junior women of the college who met the requirements for entry. They were sponsored by a campus organization. The purpose of the pageant was that of showing versatility, charm, and poise in addition to the fact that she was required to have a scholarship to participate.

     The Miss P.S.C. Pageant presents the young ladies in various settings to enable their collegiate public to see them in different roles. The first three candidates of the Miss P.S.C. Pageant was Miss Hattie Lucas, Miss Faye Annette Smith, and Miss Donna Trice. Each of the candidates modeled modeled casual attire, dress-up wear, beach-wear, and formal attire. They each accompanied with poise, charm, and grace on every count. Also, each of them presented a talent number, which potrayed talent, creativity, orginality, and real performance ability.

Dr. James E. Rush, 1941-2018

Philander Smith College's faithful and beloved Dr. James E. Rush was a faculty member for 42 years and served as the Professor and Chair of the Department Philosphy and Religion until his passing on May 22, 2018. He was instrumental in the development of the field of Medical Ethics at the Univerisity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and was a faculty member at the Arkansas Govenor's School.

This exhibit was created to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Rush. To learn more about his professional accomplishments and the lasting impact that he had on the campus community and abroad, explore his biography, images, manuscripts and publications.

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Honorary Degree Recipients


Philander Smith College has awarded honorary doctoral degrees to over 130 accomplished individuals who have given their time, donated funds or used their expertise to contribute to the advancement the College and campus community. This list of honorary degree recipients include PSC alumni, trustees and faculty members as well as local politicians, government officials, clergymen, notable entrepreneurs and nationally renowned entertainers whose actions have helped the college progress over the years and achieve its mission:

"To graduate academically accomplished students, grounded as advocates for social justice, determined to change the world for the better" (Philander Smith College, 2018).

PSC Commencement Programs Collection
1977 Philanderian Yearbook, Centennial Edition

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PSC Manuscript Collection

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The Philander Smith College Manuscript Collection contains handwritten student rolls, meeting minutes, ledgers and student records from the earliest period of the institution from 1881 to 1932. The highlights of this collection include historical roll of students from Walden Seminary and meeting notes from the Promethean and Philomathian Literary Societies.

Dissertation and Thesis Collection

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In the Philander Smith College Archives, we house an assortment of dissertations and thesis papers from alumni and past faculty.  

Vinyl Record Collection

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These are a collection of vinyl records stored in the Archive.