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Model of Proposed Science Building.

Image of a scale model for the science building for Philander Smith College.

Aerial View of PSC Campus, ca 1960

An aerial view showing the campus of Philander Smith College in the early 1960's prior to the expansion of Interstate 630.

Budlong Hall

Budlong Hall was the first brick building on the campus of Philander Smith College. The structure housed classrooms, a library, various offices and dormitory housing for male students. In 1882, Mrs. Adeline Smith (widow of Philander Smith) of Oak…

Administration Building

Administration Building, later renamed in honor of Rev. James M. Cox, the College's 2nd President. The building was built in 1916 and purchased by Philander Smith College in 1948. The Cox Administration Building is listed on the National Register of…

Old Dormitory Buildings

The old dormitory buildings included a cafeteria (dining hall) and Student Union. They buildings housed 103 men and 123 women. The dormitories were built on Philander Smith Project land.

Harris Auditorium.

bldg_00223 (2).jpg
Harris Auditorium on the 1st floor of the M. L. Harris Fine Arts Building. Seats over 600.

Library and Fine Arts Building.

Library and Fine Arts Building, dedicated in honor of M. L. Harris in 1962. The building originally housed the Art Department. The auditorium on the 1st floor of the building is currently still in use and has seating for 600.


Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall. Former residence of the President. Currently houses the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs. 1123 Izard Street. The two story building was designed by Cromwell & Neyland and completed in 1952.

Student Union, 1960's.

Students outside of the Student Union complex in the late 1960's.

The General Activities Building, 1940.

Photo of an architectural drawing for a proposed "General Activities Building" for Philander Smith College. The drawing was created by H. Phelps of Sanders and Ginocchio Architects.